What is Ramadan?

You may hear about Ramadan. It is the name of the month in the lunar calendar or Islamic Calendar. During Ramadan Muslims around all over the world fast. This means they don’t eat from sunrise to sunset. If you are interested to know more about Ramadan and Islamic calendar, just visit those two references on Wiki. In this article Hi,Deh! – Iran Travel Services guide you on how to travel to Iran during Ramadan.

So What?!

During this month, restaurants are closed until sunset or Iftar time. So you can not easily find a place to have lunch or breakfast. There is also another limitation: “Eating, drinking, and smoking in public are forbidden!”. So what will I do if I am not fasting during Ramadan?

Ramadan Fasting Rules & Facts!

  • All the Muslims who are sane and healthy and are mature, have to hold the Ramadan fast.
  • If you are traveling at the time of Ramadan, you should not fast.
  • Women are menstruating, have not to fast for those days.
  • The old or sick person and anyone who can not fast due to a health issue, must not fast.
  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding and fear that observing Ramadan may weaken them or their child has an option of not fasting.

Notice: These groups are still prohibited from eating, drinking, and smoking publicly.

Where to Eat during the Day?

Don’t worry. There are some tips to remember when you Travel to Iran during Ramadan.

First of all in airports, Bus terminals, and Train stations you can find some restaurants or fast foods. They cover windows and serve food.

Second, in most big cities, some restaurants stay open during the day to welcome travelers. Just find some highly rated restaurants in google maps and call them and ask are they open or not!

The last one, It’s simple for travelers. You are allowed to consume foods and drinks or smoking during the day. Just do your best to respect other’s people fasting bynot eating, drinking and, smoking publiclyYou can eat and drink or smoke in spotless or private places. You are right, I mean “Stealthy” or “Secretly”.

Remember: After sunset or Iftar time, most of the restaurants and streets are crowded. For your convenience, be at restaurants 30 minutes before sunset time.

Some Food Customs during Ramadan!

Ramazan 2019
Traveling to Iran during Ramadan

Each region in Iran may have its own food customs during Ramadan, but some of them are in common. For example, must of Iranians break their fast at Iftar time with hot water or tea and piece of sugar crystals or dates. After that, they may eat some watery soup or Ash-e Reshte,  Halim or Sholehzard. Also, some people may eat a special kind of sweet called Zoolbia & Bamieh. It is Persian doughnuts with saffron and rose water.

Ramazan 2019
Halim and Ash
Ramazan 2019
Zolbia & Bamieh

Travel or not?

At the end, you can travel to Muslim countries and also Iran during Ramadan, but you have to respect the others fasting during this month. It is easy, as mentioned before: Not to eat, drink and smoke publicly.

Traveling to Iran during Ramadan is a great chance for getting more familiar to special events and customs and also night lifestyle of Iranians during holy month of Ramadan.