Iranian Debit Card

Iranian debit card, visa card Iran, visa credit card Iran, visa debit card Iran, visa master card Iran, Iran tourist card or any other electronic payment method you are searching for, is here in a quick legal solution provided by Hi,Deh! as an Iranian travel services provider.

If you are going to travel to Persia (the oldest civilization in the world), you are trying to find the answer of this question:

How to get a MasterCard in Iran?

There is no MasterCard or Visa card in Iran, but Hi,Deh! provides tourists with debit cards to pay easily and feel safe all around Iran!

Central bank of Iran exchange rate

You could search on Google “EUR to IRR” to know one of its governmental exchange rate. This rate is close to what the banks in Iran will pay you for exchanging your currency to Iran Rial (IRR). But Be careful!

DO NOT exchange your money at banks in Iran and the airport offices!

Iranian Rial exchange rate in Iran open market

The real rate in Iran open market is much more than the rate on which banks exchange for you! So it is strongly recommended to exchange your cash at non-governmental Exchange offices or here by Hi,Deh Iranian debit card!

Advantages of Iranian debit card for tourists

These are some advantages of electronic cards for travelers when they stay in Iran:

  • Paying easily anywhere in Iran.
  • Totally secure since it is Password protected.
  • Reducing the currency exchange rate during your trip.
  • Buying any currency in Currency Exchanges by the remaining balance on your card when you leave Iran.
  • No transaction and withdrawal fees.
  • No need for opening a bank account.
  • Cash money withdrawal from some ATMs (if needed).

Since Hi,Deh! is the first Iranian travel services provider accepting cryptocurrency payments, You can either pay us by any cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other Altcoins) or in cash in Iran, Isfahan to get your debit card.

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